Gyan Agri Warehousing and Collateral Management Pvt. Ltd

Gyan Agri is a joint venture between K.L. Dugar Group and Global IME Bank Ltd. under which they make finance accessible to Nepali farmers. Tapping into the rich and abundant resources present in Nepal, Gyan Agri provides various valuable services to the farmers, including collateral management, facilitation of agri-financing, testing and quality certification, buy-back guarantee, and warehousing facilities. It aims to alleviate problems arising due to lack of investment, productivity, market orientation value addition and margins for the upliftment of Nepali farmers.

Gyan Agri also facilitates short & long term loans for farmers against hypothecation of land with minimal documentation and loan processing formalities.

Collateral Management:

Farmers bring their produce to the scientific warehouse at Gyan Agri, where it is checked and inspected. Gyan Agri, then, provides a certificate of conformance to quality, quantity and market value for hypothecation of goods under its custody. This facilitates Global IME Bank to process short term loan against crop to the farmers.