Gyan Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd.

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Nepal’s unique geographical landscape and climate fosters great bio-diversity, especially in hosting a range of herbs with high potentialities. Certain herbs and medicinal plants are found only in Nepal and act as important resources having generated income for a large number of rural people in Nepal. Gyan Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd. has been established with a view to help conserve these unique and rare herbs, and bring high quality organic and natural herbal products to the world. Farmers and individuals engaged in cultivation, collecting, and harvesting do not always have access to potential markets and suffer monetary losses, as they do not receive a fair price. With the establishment of Gyan Herbal, farmers – both small and big, are able to sell their collected / harvested products directly for the best market prices with immediate payment on delivery.

Gyan Herbal is a fully automated plant, designed as per good manufacturing practices and relevant requirements of Pharmacopeia. The Plant is situated in Western Nepal, so that it is easily accessible and associated directly with farmers from rural and remote areas. An extraction and distillation plant is set in Nepalgunj for steam distillation of aromatic essentials, solvent extraction, oleo resins and dried powders.