The 135-years long legacy of the Dugar Group is carried forward by K.L Dugar Group. Established in 1989, K.L Dugar Group has been a trusted and respected name in Nepal for more than two decades, with its brands representing the best in quality. The founder, Mr KishanLalDugar, is a visionary with a persistent pursuit of growth and exploration in business. Today, the K.L DugarGroup comprises major companies in several business sectors: Edible Oil, Food grain, Packaging, Herbal Extraction, Hydropower, Construction and Banking & Finance, to name a few.

Growth with a vision – is what K.L Dugar Group stands for and it has proved this by its constant adoption of new innovation and development in technology. Coupled with the best in industry standards, our companies are growing not just in numbers but also in quality and service of the products. As one of Nepal’s most trusted brands, today we have become a household name because of consumers’ faith in our quality, our product and our group. The companies of the Group export products to several countries.

Two of the main strengths of the Group have been its network and its team. Having its own efficient and established network, has enabled the Group to grow leaps and bounds and also bring quality and value to global brands in the Nepali market, through our imports and trading. Currently, we deal with 10,000 wholesalers and retailers on a daily basis. Our able and dedicated team has kept us going strong for many years; several members of the team have served the Group for more than three decades.

The Group has always believed in giving back to the society and through its various initiatives, it thrives for the betterment of Nepali society, especially its farmers and children.

K.L. Dugar Group has continuously reinvented itself by diversifying its interests and establishing various successful businesses. The Group is always seeking new opportunities and is open to forming strategic joint ventures with other businesses. Going forward, we aim to spread our wings throughout the world and simultaneously grow and do more projects.