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Our History

The Birth of
KL Dugar Group’s
North Star

On a starry night and an auspicious day of Janmashtami in 1943, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar was born. And with him, also born was the belief that he was set to achieve great things in life. From very early on, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar approached life with an uninhibited curiosity and an unquenching thirst to learn, which led him to build a legacy that’s still celebrated.

The beginning of an illustrious journey

Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar’s tryst with trade and business began at a young age of thirteen under the guidance of his father, when he was inducted into the family business–‘Chand Mal Lul Karan’, that was a cloth merchant, involved in whole and retail trade.

Through the age of thirteen to fifteen, young Kishan Lal Dugar got involved in many facets of business, from pricing and stocking to procuring. Not only that, he even helped greatly in expanding the business and diversifying it, by importing various goods like cloth, sugar, transistor radios, etc. from across the globe. It was during this phase that he honed his skills as a businessman, and more importantly, a future-oriented thinker.

KL Dugar group history
KL Dugar Group owner

The birth of an agrarian hero

At the age of fifteen, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar was afflicted by an inexplicable personal loss of his father. Not only was he grieving the loss of a parent, but also a mentor and an anchor. However, this loss reunited him with his passion for agriculture and horticulture–both sown by his father in him at a very young age.

Everything he experienced with his father–from dabbling into how technology benefits agriculture, when his father bought the first tractor in Eastern Nepal, to practicing archaic farming techniques while nurturing the saplings his father brought home–rooted him.

Venturing towards
the new

Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar found his father’s support and mentorship in his elder brothers, who encouraged him to scale newer heights. Armed with his family’s belief and his own conviction, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar ventured into the business of jute.

Before the business took off, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar learned everything he could under Katihar Jute Mill’s Manager and his elder brother’s trusted friend Mr. Ram Kumar Sekhsaria. It was his support and teachings that gave Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar the confidence to begin his own venture named ‘Chandmal Lunkaran’. This set a precedent for greater business achievements in the future.

KL Dugar owners
KL Dugar group history

The journey of jute

Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar sought control of the reign pretty quickly and deftly. The business grew from strength to strength, despite various challenges that may have been part of the route. From setting up a second jute press named Eastern Nepal Industries to complete a tender order from National Trading Limited to exporting jute all over the world, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar led Chandmal Lunkaran to success.

Chandmal Lunkaran soon came to be recognised as the finest exporter of jute from Nepal; therefore, providing a fertile ground for them to establish their names globally. This also allowed them to create a beneficial network, which they harnessed for also important various goods from all over the world.

Taking a step forward

Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar, like the visionary he is, identified yet another lucrative opportunity, just like he did with jute. The brothers harnessed the demand for stainless steel utensils in the market, and set up a manufacturing facility in Duhabi, which flourished under Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar’s unflinching supervision. However, the restrictions imposed by the Indian government impacted the business’s growth, and forced the brothers to reinvent their strategy for growth.

However, this did not deter Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar and his brothers from their vision to establish their name. Taking on a challenge, they diversified their business to also include sal seed collection, crude oil extraction, food grain manufacturing, and edible oil refining in addition to the previous initiatives.

KL Dugar Group history
KL Dugar Group establishment

KL Dugar Group

After an enriching journey that witnessed periods of growth and learning, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar along with his three sons, regrouped and reinvented their business to suit an ever-evolving economy. From then on, KL Dugar Group has been consistently innovating, diversifying, and pioneering excellence.

Advancing with technology

The Duhabi factory can be seen reflecting Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar’s decades of expertise and his sons’ evolved business approach, as it houses Nepal’s largest refining capacity with a state-of-the-art hydrogenation unit and an enhanced refinery. Furthermore, a mustard oil mill and packaging unit was also added in Duhabi, a manufacturing facility was conceptualised for Nepalgunj, and a Japanese rice mill was established in Birgunj. These additions allowed the group to develop an impressive line of products and brands that have now become a household name in the nation.
KL Dugar Group advancement to technology

Our Leadership

A visionary, leader, and a force to be reckoned with, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar has authored KL Dugar’s success story as we know it today–a household name and a conglomerate with over 1000 employees, and a turnover of NRs.eighteen thousand million.
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