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बलियो सम्बन्ध

United Cements Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Village Jugedi in Dhading district, United Cement boasts of the modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure that represents the synergy between sustainability and advancement. The facility is equipped with advanced dry process and five-stage preheating technology, as well as the latest available pollution-control equipment–therefore, ensuring that the large-scale production of cement, notably 1200 tonnes per day, and the process of clinkerization doesn’t come at the cost of environmental damage. Furthermore, in Lele district Lalitpur, United Cement also owns mines with efficient equipment and machinery to fulfill the cement plant’s requirement of Limestone.


OPC Production Began

1200 TON

manufacturing per day


preheating technology

Representing the synergy between
sustainability and advancement.

United Cement Limited
Brands And Products



United Ordinary Portland Cement

United Portland Pozzolana Cement

Rajdhani Ordinary Portland Cement

Rajdhani Portland Pozzolana Cement