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Our Community

Business philosophy rooted in the well-being of our community.

Equality for Empowerment

We at the KL Dugar group are constantly striving to build a strong foundation within our community.

The driving force behind welfare and CSR initiatives by KL Dugar Group at the grass root level are structured around one motto – equality for empowerment.

Nepalgunj Marathon

Dhara proudly serves as the title sponsor for the annual Nepalgunj Marathon, now in its 9th consecutive year. The inception of the Nepalgunj Marathon in 2015 marked a significant milestone, commemorating the peace treaty that concluded a decade-long civil war in Nepal, ushering in an era of sustainable peace and development.

The primary objective is to establish a sustainable and community-focused running event that inspires athletes of all levels to embrace healthy lifestyles and enhance their personal fitness through running. Beyond the individual benefits, we strive to contribute to the promotion of local tourism, foster social cohesion, and uplift the sports culture in the western part of Nepal.


Our mission is to develop the Nepalgunj Marathon into the premier road running event in Nepal, while concurrently promoting sports, culture, and tourism in the region.


Our vision is to establish a lasting and community-centric running event that encourages athletes of all levels to adopt healthy lifestyles and enhance personal fitness through the transformative power of running.

Gyan Udhyan

Located in the scenic Biratnagar, Gyan Udhyan is an innovative unit of agricultural labs and farms that was conceived in 1972 ,as a vision to elevate the backbone of the Nepalese economy.

The inception of this notable venture is owed to Mr KL Dugar’s long-standing passion for agriculture and nature. Translating from his visionary interests in cultivating land with scientific gardening, plantations, the Gyan Udhyan farms use a hybrid approach to grow food grains, exotic fruits and vegetables with scientific techniques.

Under the guidance of Mr. KL Dugar, this initiative has witnessed the first coconut farm in the Eastern Nepal as well as a flourishing sandalwood plantation. Furthermore, the foundation of this CSR initiative by KL Dugar group aims to impart modern agricultural education to the farmers with an aim to refine and update their skills.

The impact created by Ghyan Udhyam has been appreciated by Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah and various other ministers and political dignitaries from across the pan-Asian region as an example of impeccable innovation.

Gyan Charitable Trust

At the core of our values we believe that our growth is derived from the local community. The initiatives that are undertaken by the Gyan Charitable Fund in the fields of education and health care are focused on building/ weaving resources for a shared future together.

The trust has successfully created an impact by nurturing young talents at the grassroot level through scholarships and mid-day meals for students.

Upholding the title of a historic conglomerate, KL Dugar Group as a whole believes that it is our responsibility to preserve Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and has been a major contributor for remodeling the Adarsh Library building at Biratnagar, one of Nepal’s oldest institutions.

Furthermore, development of accessible healthcare is one of our most important agendas. Contributions towards the construction of local institutions like Atithi Sadan, Koshi Anchal Hospital, the Jain Swetamber Sabha, Jain Bhawan in Kathmandu are established for effective social welfare.

The Pledge of Sustainability

In the pursuit of giving back, we strive to consciously use natural resources while making an extra effort to replenish and renew the environment/ Mother Nature.

Regular tree plantation drives around our factories and manufacturing plants is a habit that we’re carefully honing and owning.

As an extended part of our active efforts to maintain a harmonious balance with nature, KL Dugar group has developed an eco-friendly kiln system for waste tyre and plastics disposal that is proven to be a more sustainable technique worldwide.