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Our core values define who we are and drive everything we do.

KL Dugar Group has a diverse portfolio of notable brands across various sectors such as edible oil, food grains, herbal packaging, construction, and banking to name a few. The group has pioneered excellence and quality, backed by its continuous pursuit to deliver the best to the people of Nepal.
KL Dugar Group owner


Our long-standing brand philosophy is to serve our family of growing consumers who count on us for best quality products. Our priority is to ensure that our products are accessible to every household, everyday in every nook and corner of Nepal.


We are guided by our vision to empower people with skill-training and contribute to improving Nepal’s infrastructure as well as lead into a fast growing economy by investing in cutting-edge innovation and technology.


Our legacy is built on the trust we have garnered over the past three decades and reliability is the fuel that keeps us going. While innovation is the foundation for all of our ventures, we as a platform believe in promoting and supporting locally grown raw materials and skill-training our manpower.

  • Reliability – Trust

    We proudly uphold our legacy to deliver the promise of quality and continue to be a market leader.
  • Innovation

    We always believe in upgrading the existing standard of operations through high-end technology.
  • Sustainability

    We support and promote locally sourced raw materials and empower generations with skill development.

    Our History

    On a starry night and an auspicious day of Janmashtami in 1943, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar was born. And with him, also born was the belief that he was set to achieve great things in life. From very early on, Mr. Kishan Lal Dugar approached life with an uninhibited curiosity and an unquenching thirst to learn, which led him to build a legacy that’s still celebrated.