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With a long term plan of revolutionising Nepal’s source of energy. The KL Dugar group has actively invested in hydropower plants.

Over the years, the group has successfully laid plans to harness and utilise a cleaner source of energy. Furthermore, hydropower plants are proven to aid with flood control, irrigation management and hydro-electricity

Projects undertaken

Modi Energy Limited (Joint Venture)

20 MW

Nepal Hydropower Limited- Partnership

3.5 MW

Gyan Agri Warehousing & Collateral Management

With a vision to bridge the various gaps rectified by the backbone of the Nepalese economy — Agriculture sector, Gyan Agri was born. A joint venture fueled by a collaboration between KL Dugar Group and Global IME Bank decided to uplift the state of the most neglected sectors.

Investments in the form of services like collateral management, facilitating agri-finance testing & warehousing were set-up to attain the shared goals.

In the year 2012 the venture successfully managed to build a foundation for farmer’s education and well-being at the grass root level, therefore fulfilling it’s agenda.

Impact Generated
An integrated system of harvest management system were developed

  • Post-Harvest warehousing
  • Collateral management of Agri-commodities
  • Transportation facilities from farms to warehouses
  • Allied services— Weighing, testing & certifications with preservation and fumigation.
  • Insurance for the procured goods.
  • Buy-back guarantee at the marketplace

Banking & Financial Services

In pursuit of a long-term goal of making families financially independent and encouraging local businesses to grow, the KL Dugar group inaugurated a banking and financial services wing.

With an objective to extend modern banking services in Nepal, Kumari Bank Ltd. came into operations in 2001 becoming one of the first fifteen commercial banks in the country’s financial market. Under the leadership of Mr. Naresh Dugar, KL Dugar’s Vice- chairman and the Director of the Bank, the sector continues to flourish.

In 2007 in the growing financial market of Nepal, the need for simplifying banking services arose. That’s when Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. was founded as the 21st commercial bank in the country. Established by prominent business personnel and professionals from diverse backgrounds the objective was to extend the mission ‘Banking Services to Everyone’ in the country.

Furthermore, when it comes to establishing socio-economic benefits for the nation, the KL Dugar group continues to be ahead of the curve. The group is an active promoter of both Nepal Re – Insurance Co. Ltd. and Gurans Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

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