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Giving the world a glimpse of Nepal, one product at a time.

KL Dugar acts as a platform to showcase the brilliance of homegrown Nepalese products to the world through trade and exports. Along with creating internationally graded and certified FMCG products, the group is one of the major suppliers to the World Food Program. Some of the most demanded export commodities include herbal extract, raw and dried spices, processed herbs, aromatic and essential oils. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for Nepalse produce and food grains like rice, pulses, edible oils, lentils, wheat flour along with other food grains.

With an experience in exporting for 25 years, the group has acquired a very in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour of various countries which adds on to the ongoing success story of being a market leader.

Pillars of locally sourced,

exported commodities

  • Flour

  • Mustard Oil

  • Masoor Dal

  • Whole Red Lentils and pulses

  • Multigrain Atta

  • Soyabean Oil

  • Gyan Beaten RIce

  • Gyan Puffed RIce

Internationally Acclaimed Exporting Companies

Global Exporting Companies

Swastik Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd

Swastik Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd

Vikas Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Food grains like whole wheat, flour, baby food, aata, maida & suji
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