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A Legacy of

A market leader for over 130 years

K L Dugar Group has a diverse portfolio of notable brands across various sectors such as edible oil, food grains, herbal packaging, construction, and banking to name a few. The group has pioneered excellence and quality, backed by its continuous pursuit to deliver the best to the people of Nepal.

A Legacy of


The 135-year-long legacy of the Dugar Group is carried forward by K L Dugar Group. Established in 1989, K L Dugar Group has been a trusted and respected name in Nepal for more than three decades, with its brands representing the best in quality.


Ever since our inception, we’ve had our community’s best interest at the forefront, for we believe that mutual-growth is our strongest driving force. Our initiatives to empower people at a grassroot level revolve around education and agriculture. We at the K.L Dugar group are constantly striving to build a strong foundation within our community.The driving force behind our welfare initiatives at the grass root level are structured around one motto. Equality for empowerment.





Spreading the greatness of Nepal
across the globe.

Spreading the greatness of Nepal across the globe.